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What is the ke0 and what does it tell me about propofol ...

A new k e0 for the Marsh model. The question now is: which of these models better predict propofol's effects? In the current issue of Anaesthesia, Thomson and colleagues derived a new k e0 for the Marsh propofol model using an alternative clinical measure of propofol effect to avoid the use of surrogate EEG indices 5.

What is the ke0 and what does it tell me about propofol?

What is the ke0 and what does it tell me about propofol? Anaesthesia. 2014 May;69(5):399-402. doi: 10.1111/anae.12642. Author L I Cortínez 1 ...

Effect site equilibration | Deranged Physiology

Equilibration between the central and the effect-site compartment follows first-order kinetics, described by the constant ke0. t½ke0 is a value which describes the time taken to achieve 50% effect-site concentration when the plasma levels are maintained at steady state.

Ke0 on Scratch

Cycling [art] by Ke0. 無限に大きくなるスプライト1 by Ke0. スプライト1の葛藤 by Ke0. SIAI by Ke0. Olympic&Paralympic by Ke0. オーバーフロー限界までの黄金比 by Ke0. 流行についていけん。. by Ke0. 中心に多角形 by Ke0.

Estimation of the plasma effect site equilibration rate ...

The median ke0 in children was 0.41 min(-1) with the model of Kataria and 0.91 min(-1) with the Paedfusor model (P < 0.01). The corresponding t1/2 ke0 values, in minutes, were 1.7 and 0.8, respectively (P < 0.01). Conclusions: : Children have a significantly longer tpeak of propofol than adults. The values of ke0 of propofol calculated for ...

Pharmacokinetics · Part One

A large ke0 (rapid drug flow) gives a short t 1/2 ke0 After one t 1/2 ke0, 50% of the final effect site concentration will be reached provided plasma concentration remains constant A shorter t 1/2 ke0 indicates that that the effect site concentration will reach equilibrium with plasma more rapidly, and therefore a more rapid clinical effect ...

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

For drugs with a rapid ke0 and a slow decrease in concentration following bolus injection (e.g., pancuronium), the time to peak effect site concentration will be determined more by the ke0 than by the plasma pharmacokinetics. ke0 has been characterized for many drugs used in anesthesia.,,,,, Equilibration between the plasma and the effect site ...

(KE0) Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Table KE0-3 contains the proposed FY 2015 budget by program and activity compared to the FY 2014 approved budget. It also provides the FY 2013 actual data. Table KE0-3 (dollars in thousands) FY 2015 Proposed Budget Changes The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) proposed FY 2015 gross budget is

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